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Federal fusion for black bear

federal fusion for black bear I am sure it would work great on deer or black bear Federal s heaviest loading is the 175 grain Bear Claw at 2860fps. 338 bullet steps with a force of 2 878 ft lbs. American Whitetail had both announced their respective loads but none arrived Mar 13 2020 Every year the Mirror highlights and honors the Best of Federal Way with our annual contest. The location is the Black Bear Diner 32065 Pacific Highway South Federal Way. How will the Fusion ammo work for what I 39 m going to use it for I don 39 t want to go over kill for deer but I want to use the same bullet for hogs and black bear. 95 It might be a good factory ammo option for short range black bear hunting. Here we are approaching the 2nd Tuesday of the month time for our monthly lunch meeting. The issue is blood trail. Oct 17 2019 But for the price range minded Federal s Fusion provides a lot of overall performance for the price tag. Is the Fusion better for deer moose black bear or is the Power Shok the one I should go with. What is your experience with Fusions on black bears I 39 ve only nbsp 8 Sep 2016 I 39 ve used that 220 grain to take a black bear in the Catskill Mountains of Federal Premium offers this bullet in many bear worthy calibers and nbsp Anyone consider using 270 Win for eastern black bear. Federal created the whitetail focused Fusion line to fill this important niche. 12 Nov 2005 Black bears are bigger than white tail but remember speed kills. A good bullet of 165 grns or more out of a 300WSM will work just fine. The big boys 225 to 250. They re all good bears. Jan 03 2019 Fusion F450BMFS1 300 Grain Fusion Soft Point MSRP 37. 224 90 grain option in the Fusion line intended for hunters and shooters looking to reload the 224 Valkyrie cartridge. Both will perform similarly. An estimated 100 000 black bears Ursus americanus inhabit Alaska. com you assume all legal liability for complying with your local state and federal laws. All were with the 200 gn Fusion. Thread starter Drewster46 Start date Feb 22 2016 D. All using handloaded 210g Nosler Partitions. Went home and loaded some more with brass I had prior Fusion was the first rifle ammunition specifically built for deer hunting and it 39 s still the best offering the largest expansion and highest weight retention in head to head comparisons against the competition. May 26 2011 . Feb 22 2016 1 Anybody know what bullets Federal use Though Federal designed the Fusion line of ammunition specifically for deer hunting it will also work really well for just about any other species of thin skinned game. These bullets are a great option if you re on a budget or you have an AR 15. Fantastic in Jun 02 2013 Hunted black bear on Vancouver Island last week with Sean Lingl 39 s Canadian Guide Outfitters near Port Alberni. With a molecularly fused jacket and a pressure formed core Fusion transfers maximum energy on target. Description This Federal Fusion Ammunition 223 Remington is filled with specialized bullets which are designed specifically for deer hunting. So then in a factory load something as basic as a Federal Fusion 150 grain would do nbsp Though Federal designed the Fusion line of ammunition specifically for deer black bear feral hogs and even elk then the Remington 39 s 6. I know on the box it is advertised as a deer bullet but it is bonded. I had intended and still intend to use my Ruger SBH . Suggested retail is 33 per box of 20. Besides this this load will promise you high terminal operation. In gel tests the Federal JSP round can get 16 quot based on that it might not be a good idea for something like bear especially anything bigger than a black bear where you need deep penetration. for deer hogs and black bear hunting. Oct 11 2019 But so is an ox. 39 Recommended use for Medium Game Mar 31 2012 My first and largest brown bear was taken in northern Montana with a 6mm because thats the only bolt gun I had at the time and four subsequent mature black bears were all taken with a . 308 is an effective choice for target shooting and hunting. Outdoor inside and balcony dining is available at our beautiful 107 year old building. Fusion 180 gr. 223 as some states have lifted a long time ban on the small center fire. I would use a bonded core bullet in either 165 or 180 gr. anyway he shot a 5 39 8 quot brown colored black bear at 175 yards on the last night with his 300 rum shooting 180 grain tsx in federal premium ammo at a 45 degree downward angle and spined it. This is loaded ammunition. You can see my posted velocities below in real world over the counter firearms for item 45B 300 JHP. 357 for Black Bears go with a 4 inch barrel. Have not shot handloads in it yet because it shoots The cheap Blue Box Federal 200gr into . Top Load Federal Fusion. Nov 07 2016 Federal Premium launched its Fusion line of ammunition in 2005 as the first rifle ammunition designed specifically for deer hunting asserting that the bullet 39 s skived tip and molecularly fused jacket combine to offer the highest weight retention and largest expansion of any bullet in its class. . 5. I would think that a 30 06 with cheap 180 grain Rem. 280AI. Sep 21 2017 Cartridge Selection for Black Bear Hunting Duration 8 25. Bid Now. cast and bonded core bullets recovered from game. 5 Creedmoor antelope hunting mule deer hunting or whitetail hunting you can count on this load to get the job done. 243 and I don 39 t think there is a better . 270 all single kill shots. These are the preferred rifles of many top guides who use them for some of the most dangerous game in North America and in some of the most unforgiving environments on earth. Be advised a handgun against a bear is not optimum choice. Against a human it might pass through but still dumps a lot of energy along the way. FEATURES Federal . While the Fusion is most definitely designed to be a deer hunting bullet it is that and more it is also effective on feral hogs black bear antelope and caribou. 5 55 and really of all 6. not a big centerfire pump fan. With a 200 yard zero the TTSX is 1. 338 06 wildcat with good results it 39 s leaving my muzzle at 2750 fps. Find one that s bonded partitioned or all copper with hollow nose and you d have an even better short range puncher. Although I 39 ve had good luck killing two big bucks with them I 39 m always scared of a closer shot and having the lack of a blood Lunch meeting in Federal Way at the Black Bear Diner. 338 throws them all over the country side. My sons use the Fusion in their 308 and 243 and get the same results with deer. I was equally excited to discover they offered the Federal Fusion MSR in 308 Winchester. Federal Fusion 30 30 Win 170 Gr Clear Ballistic Gel Hunting Ammo Test Duration 1 27. I didn 39 t see any BC data but the published velocity of the TTSX is 3350 fps and the Federal 80 gr. Nov 07 2016 I haven 39 t yet seen advertised muzzle velocities for the 6. Here 39 s a list of 6. There should be a few 160 grain round nose slugs still being made in 6. 30 30 ammo is available in 150 and 170 grain loads. Jan 01 2020 Here is Federal Premium s description of the Solid Core handgun ammunition line Take down anything from hogs to bears with Federal Premium Solid Core. 40 doesn 39 t make sense at all when it comes to bears. In a 308 you wont have a failure either. 45 70 Government 325 gr FTX LEVERevolution Item 82747 20 Box US Patent 9 513 092 8 413 587 8 161 885 7 380 502. Our readers vote for the winners in nearly 60 categories including the best restaurants real estate agents and the top volunteers service providers and leaders in our city. IDNR has asked people to leave the bear alone as it has been closely monitoring its movements. I get deformation of the soft lead meplat when cycling so that explains flyers every now an then maybe. 84 Federal Premium Nosler Partition Centerfire Rifle Ammo utilizes the copper jacketed dual lead core Nosler Partition bullet that expands from the tip down to the copper partition to prevent over expansion. 223 Remington 62 Gr. 200gr bullets are probably the most popular and easy to find and you can choose between the Federal Fusion Hornady Superformance and Remington Core Lokt line ups in this bullet weight. They 39 ve all dug wounded bears out of the alders and know what they want. Federal makes some fine ammo. If out further then the federal fusion and hornady 160ftx come in handy. Jun 12 2007 Black bear taken with a . I am headed to Alaska for my first Black Bear hunt in May. I 39 ve been shooting the Winchester ballistic silver tips. Both Winchester and Federal Fusion make 123 grain soft point ammo for hunting and many people report good results with these. 224 Valkyrie 6. Introduced in 1906 the 35 Remington is the last survivor of a family of rimless cartridges Remington developed for their Model 8 semiautomatic rifle. 6 Jul 2020 the Division of Federal Assistance U. 26 a box isn 39 t top bad either. Or even species. Hunt Simple Recommended for you. Savage AXIS II XP 6. Some years back I used an early engineering sample of this ammo to shoot my best ever black bear and I have nothing but confidence for its use hunting hogs or deer. 5 quot . The first new option is a . It can also be used against larger game such as black bear or elk but is sometimes said to be quot too light quot for such large game. 357 mag and . Federal Fusion vs Speer Deep Curl Discussion in 39 Guns Minnesota Black Bear Hunt Chevy5282 replied Sep 2 2020 at 9 22 PM. Combination hunts such as for mule deer black bear and Rocky Mountain elk or general African plains game place multiple demands on bullets. 62 39 load that is also reported to perform well on deer sized game. and start at 11 00 or thereabouts. By Richard Mann. Similar to 303 British Ammo the . 2 inch and they have a GP100 in 4 inch barrel. Also tested were handloads consisting of Hornady s 240 grain XTP Sierra s 240 grain JHC and Nosler s 240 grain JHP all propelled by H110 in Starline brass with CCI primers. Sierra has been serving gun owners since 1947 providing a large variety of cartridges for both rifles and handguns. 375 H amp H with 300 340gr by school boys 30 06 and . I 39 m thinkin one of the obvious choices would be Hornady. Remington 700 Classic and my above mentioned 308 Win. 308 Ammo Cartridge Types Browse our inventory of 308 ammo and 7. 224 90 grain option in the Fusion line intended for hunters and shooters looking to reload the 224 Valkyrie Aug 24 2013 I wanting to get away from ballistic tips. Would also work great for black bear. Had a friend do the same with a 44. So if your looking for a reasonably priced accurate factory ammo Our best sales and surplus direct to your inbox Be the first to know about sales surplus items and new products. This item may not be nbsp The Federal Fusion line was one of the very first centerfire rifle ammo tough and or dangerous game like elk moose brown bear and African plains game. 62x51mm rifle. By ordering this Ammunition you certify you are of legal age and satisfy all federal state and local legal regulatory requirements to purchase this Ammunition. A combination of premium bullets with Federal 39 s reputation for quality results in a hunting round that you can depend on. This ammunition is new production non corrosive in boxer primed reloadable brass cases. 0. Sep 01 2010 After the hunt I received a couple boxes of Federal 39 s new . Sep 08 2016 I ve used that 220 grain to take a black bear in the Catskill Mountains of my native New York and would use it on grizzly well interior grizzly anyway. 45 Automatic Ammunition 47 Rounds 185 Box of Remington Western Federal Cartridges BBs Two Full Boxes Winchester Super X Steel Shot 1 Full Box of Fusion 338 Federal 200 gr Bullets Rare Full Box of Remington 375 H amp H Mag 300 gr Full Box of Winchester 303 Aug 14 2016 Put a Leupold Boone and Crockett compact scope on it. 5 quot . 30 06 Springfield Ammo collection Mar 24 2011 They both shoot accuratly in my rifle I use them in 180gr. I love it. That being said I have experienced accuracy issues with the Fusion. Hunting black bears with the use of bait or nbsp For safety reasons we do not accept returns on ammunition black powder primers reloading lead and brass or bullets. In addition to State regulations Federal nbsp 7 Aug 2015 It is a bonded soft point okay technically it is plated but the result is essentially the same that bears a strong similarity to the Gold Dot line from nbsp 26 Jun 2020 The late season bear tag is included on each hunting Hunting Black Bear middot FAQs skulls or teeth of black bear is regulated by federal. The end result is a high amount of terminal energy on impact that radiates lethal shock throughout the target. 5 Grendel 6. I really like Federal F308MSR1 150gr Fusion. Fish and Wildlife Service 4401 North Fairfax 2020 Black Bear Drawing and Preference Point System. Factory ammunition Federal currently advertise several loads for their . Muzzle Velocity 2980 FPS Muzzle Energy 1873 Ft Fusion technology allowed Federal to drastically change the way deer ammunition was seen. Friday according to a Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission release a man walking near the Sportsman s Lodge Motel and Marina in Eastpoint a town on the state 39 s southern panhandle was attacked by a bear. 30 30 though I must admit that times have changed and even the technology of the world s first commercial smokeless round has advanced. The problem occurs when you get an angry bear. 62x51 rounds in a . See reviews photos directions phone numbers and more for The Original Pancake House locations in Federal Way WA. There s no denying the fact that a cup and core bullet will kill a big bear especially in larger calibers like . Mar 24 2011 They both shoot accuratly in my rifle I use them in 180gr. Just my thoughts. can kill a black bear handily. One of the United State s most popular hunting rounds the . You could do 45 230gr fmj too but it may not have the same penatraion as 10mm. 308 or . 44 mag handguns let alone higher power rifles. Two shots at 250 yds. I had a small gong 8 quot x 10 quot setup at 350yds and with the Leupold B amp C reticle I could hit it 90 of the time resting across the wheeler. 44 Special or . From 1977 to 2007 I had a tang safety Ruger M77 with Timney trigger in . But for the budget minded Federal s Fusion offers a lot of performance for the price. PA Black Bear Season Looking Good StruttinAnRuttin 1 11 16 2006 12 37 pm Bullet Expansion versus Penetration 147 Grain 18 08 19 2005 12 05 pm FS RR 600 SERIES by Webyshops. 45 70 shooting 405 grain Kodiaks. The Federal fusion line of hunting ammo is a traditional line of cup and core bullets with an added bonding process to keep the weight retention high. I would not hesitate to hunt black bear with a 308 and Federal 165 gr Fusion. Compared to the . At 6 30 p. Notice Pay Pal. Any of them will easily make black bears into black bear rugs as long as the proper bullets are used. I was using a Kimber 84M Montana . First shot took both lungs and off shoulder second shot connected Texas heart as he ran away. It 39 s currently manufactured in . FEDERAL AMMO 7MM 08 REMINGTON 150gr SP P S 20 bx 10 cs Graf amp Sons Anyone shoot Federal Fusion ammo A local Bass Pro has I shot a black bear with them out of my 270 at about 80 yards. Black Bear 1 Black Hills Ammunition 9 Brown Bear 8 Federal Fusion . com. One of the biggest reasons for the popularity of the 6. No penetration. 308W with 200 180g by girl PHs . hard cast load. The first new option is a . The . 62x51mm Rifles Can I shoot 7. Hits like a hammer and I wont hesitate to shoot whitetails or even black bear out to 350yds about the same trajectory as a 180 gr 308 from same length barrel. As it turned out the bruiser of a black bear I shot with the Marlin SBL came into my stand in the afternoon while there was still plenty of light. Buy At Auction. Federal Premium Vital Shok Trophy Bonded Tip Rifle Ammo is designed to shoot flat and expand reliably at long range yet still hold together at short range when the bullet impacts at high velocity. Craig Boddington Jul 20 2015 If Hunting bear with a handgun you might can wait for a broadside shot if you are attacked you want Penetration. The Fusion line of Centerfire Ammunition utilizes radically different technology to produce the first fusion energized deer hunting bullet. The bigger the animal the more heated that debate tends to be. 62x51mm rifle ammo for sale below which comes in a variety of cartridge sizes and types including dummy full metal jacket Jan 10 2018 Federal s Fusion line offers a wide range of options but I am partial to the 200 grain load with a muzzle velocity of 2 700 fps. Aug 07 2015 Federal s Fusion line may very well be the best kept secret in defensive rifle ammunition. 338 Federal Lunch meeting this Tuesday March 9th Black Bear Diner. 300 Blackout . Oct 22 2015 Federal Ammunition 165 Grain Fusion Ammo Details Federal Premium has been producing innovative high performance sporting ammunition for the modern sportsman for more than a century. However it s worth noting that with one 400 lb. The modern sporting rifle isn t just some gun. For the 7. I was looking at the Federal fusion at academy this afternoon and liked the looks of it. I will be using 180 gr nosler ballistic tips and range should be sub 200yd. Sportsman 39 s Guide has your Federal Fusion . I 39 m using the . Hey guys I have been playing with a couple rifles over the last 6 months amp federal fusion ammo has shot really well in two out of three of them. 5 Creedmoor Ammo 140 Grain Soft Point Dec 13 2017 Does the small and speedy . The Federal rounds were very accurate and produced . My . 62 NATO Nosler Partition 150gr 20Box 10Case. The students in this class fired dozens of Federal Premium shotgun slugs and I saw no problems. 30 06 Bullet Types For more than a century gun owners have been able to enjoy hunting with a variety of 30 06 ammo types. 44 with factory Federal Fusion 240s. 270. By that standard a good heavy power . With the proper bullet the . Mar 07 2018 Federal 39 s Trophy Bonded Tip TBT bullet is perhaps my all time favorite projectile for hunting big game. Federal Fusion is a specialized deer bullet electrochemically joins pure copper to an extreme pressure formed core to ensure optimum performance. I like Federal ammo. The round was released in 1952 for the Winchester Model 70 bolt action rifle and quickly became popular for hunting medium to large game. 338 Federal as a Jack O 39 Connor styled brush gun. 5 Remington Magnum is that you don t need a lot of gunpowder muscle to make a 6. Any reason it wouldn 39 t work on black bear as well _____ Nov 03 2018 Interesting how gun cultures differ. For factory ammo Federal Premium makes some great hunting loads. A new star on the horizon is the solid steel DDupleks Steelhead slug. The slow . Just love plain old cup and core bullets for the standard cartridges. Feb 22 2016 Federal Fusion 30 06 165 grain. 30 06 rem 7600 but really dislike this gun. It s my go to deer ammo. 2 018 fps Ruger All American 16 inch Federal Premium 308 Win 7. 62x51 ammo in my . Mar 27 2014 I can t predict how every guide would react. 30 caliber version provided a dozen one shot kills for me in Namibia including a superb kudu bull and in 2015 I used the same bullet to drop a huge public land bull elk in Utah a tag that took me 17 years to draw. Black Bear Wandering Summary of Federal Regulations for Migratory Game Birds. Dang good nbsp Bear Information amp Resources. And you don t want one stepping on you. 1 quot high at 100 yards and so is the Federal Blue Box SP. I have killed several black near only one with a 308 a single shot rifle and I used a 180gr Woodleigh bullet mainly because they shoot great in the single shot. 264 Winchester Magnum and the 6. 99 Initially designed as a varmint round it may be used for wildlife and game such as coyote blacktail deer whitetail deer mule deer pronghorn and wild hogs. Do I want a JHP or soft points any info would be Aug 15 2012 Bears are weird. 15 days ago. FUSION Bangor the University of Maine Alumni Association Black Bear Sports Properties University of Maine Athletics and Maine Football Alfond Ambassadors invite you to tailgate with us on Thursday August 30th as our University of Maine Black Bears take on archrival University of New Hampshire Wildcats Jul 31 2017 Talk about good timing Federal Premium has released a new line of ammunition designed specifically for the American whitetail deer hunter. Federal s been an American institution since the 1920s and we tested two of their three offerings in this COMBLOC caliber. Find 11 listings related to The Original Pancake House in Federal Way on YP. Thanks Mike ok i have a confession to make it was my dad that went on the bear hunt not me im 13. 375 Remington bolt gun sawed off to 18 quot with ghost ring sights. 3 out of 5 stars 11 ratings based on 11 reviews. Description 243 Win Federal Fusion 95gr 10 Boxes of 20 200Rnd Case . 308 round for deer hunting. Nov 06 2018 I took my . I d guess most would oppose even if they know a 243 Win. Took this 6 39 11 quot bear with my DPMS Panther in 338Fed. Aug 23 2017 So I 39 m looking to make the move to a non magnum medium bore and I 39 m strongly considering the . 30 30 bullet out of a Mossberg 464 lever action a new variation sporting Marine Coat finish and fiber optic sights . This reliable market brand has remained popular because of the heightened technological advances that are integrated into every piece it produces. 3 Black 6RD. such as Winchester Triple 7 Remington Kleenbore Federal Fusion If you want to hammer giant bears use our 360 gr. I hunt whitetail deer in Missouri and used Federal Fusion bullets for the first time this year and thought I 39 d report my experiences. The win mag is 200 to 250. Jan 31 2020 Federal Releases More Component Bullet Options for Reloading ANOKA Minnesota January 31 2020 Federal has expanded its wide range of its renowned centerfire rifle and handgun bullets for reloaders. 45 000 psi as opposed to 35 000 psi. For you technical folks go to the Buffalo Bore website. I have shot Rem Corelokts Win SXP Win Supreme and Federal Fusion. I have been greatly impressed with the Fusions. Right now the Federal 165 Trophy Bonded Tip shoots groups around 1 quot and the Nosler 165 partition is just a hair worse but very good for such a light rifle I designed it to be under 6lbs total in weight for carrying around since my shoulders will take a long time to rehab. Today Federal ammunition is either true or close to advertised barrels relevant to barrel lengths. I use them in my 308 win. Ive been hunting for quite a while however this is my first black bear hunt. The skived tip provides nbsp Some of the more pertinent bear hunting regulations are listed here Bears may be hunted from sunrise to sunset. This ammunition is meant for hunting larger game such as mule deer and black bear. Apr 22 2020 The . Apr 30 2007 For ammo I would use either one of the standard 170 gr bullets like a Core Lokt my favorite or Federal Fusion or splurge and buy some Federal Premium Vital Shock with the Partition bullets. Great performance Federal law requires that you must be at least 18 years old to purchase rifle or shotgun ammunition and 21 years or older to purchase handgun ammunition. 175 grain remington core lokt or 175 federal fusion. Another has a really beat up Savage . These big games incorporate an elk bear moose pronghorn and the white tail deer. Average Rating 4. One guy I know has a . Miscellaneous Shotgun Shells All Clean amp Dry Remington SPBBBx1 Steel Shot Multirange Duplex PMC . Bullet placement is always the most important factor. Jan 04 2011 Federal 39 s Power Shok amp Fusion Bullets Federal 39 s Power Shok is a classic copper jacketed bullet with an exposed lead tip. 62 39 there are more hunting ammo loads on the market than you might realize. Taking it to Colorado on Elk in October. 5 100yds. I am thinking it should be fine to use for black bear but am wondering what you all think Should I be okay with 150gr. 223 Remington have what it takes to put meat on the table With the right bullet you bet. Use the ultimate product with Federal Fusion Centerfire Rifle Ammunition. 30 06 Springfield SP 180 Grain 20 Rounds available at a great price in our . 5 Creedmoor Ammo 140 Grain Soft Point The . 308 Winchester and . I dropped a nice caribou bull up north last october from 300yds and a cinnamon black bear with it this month from about 60yds. Hey we are coming up on the second Tuesday of the month. 45 ACP cartridge was used four times each one of which was successful. If you want a . Loaded with a variety of high quality medium and large game loads. is a privately held company formed by Murry Gunty in 2015 that seeks investments in sports and entertainment facilities teams and Pittsburgh Today Live 39 s Celina Pompeani introduces up to the Mobile Chef World Fusion food truck. 30 06 Springfield 170 Grain Jacketed Soft Point 20 Rounds per Box Fusion Lite is built on the same game changing technology as the standard Fusion bullet but with 50 less recoil. This box is the perfect size for carrying along on your hunt in your pants leg pocket. Jun 30 2008 The reason is that black bear can get pretty big. Bears are often shot at closer range than herbivores to ensure effective shot placement so flat trajectory is less a factor. I m a big Speer fusion Hornady Sierra kinda guy. Their Fusion line is designed to provide affordable hunting loads in particular for deer. Shot the bear three nbsp 14 Apr 2020 I shoot a 7mm Rem Mag with 150gr federal fusion. American Whitetail had both announced their respective loads but none arrived Black Hills Gold 6. The 6. Out here a . S. Federal Fusion Rifle Ammunition F338FFS2 338 Federal Fusion Ammunition 200 GR 2660 fps 20 Rd bx. No ammo shipping to AK CA CT DC HI IL MA NY. 308 Win is often used to hunt white tailed deer black bear elk and moose. com I bought a Ruger Hawkeye about two years ago in 338 Federal. Everything from custom match grade to bulk plinking ammo can be found at low Midsouth prices. 223 Remington . Here is the bears rib cage. Rob Jul 31 2017 Talk about good timing Federal Premium has released a new line of ammunition designed specifically for the American whitetail deer hunter. Ruger has come out with an SP101 in 4. com WebyGeek 0 11 23 2011 15 39 pm Record Book Black Bear Taken in PA 2005 PurcellSportingGoods 5 03 31 2006 17 53 pm Specials on Turkey Bears Whitetails In 2005 Federal introduced the Fusion line of ammunition designed specifically for whitetail deer hunters. I was in a major pinch for ammo and had to buy Federal Fusion nbsp 17 Sep 2019 For spot and stalk bear hunting in cluttered country this one is tough to beat. 30 30 for Bears I just returned from a black bear hunt in northern Alberta where I tested Hornady 39 s new 140 grain MonoFlex . 7 quot low and the Federal is 5. Jan 22 2020 Federal Fusion. Oct 26 2015 Popular Federal Way Categories Cuisines Barbecue Hawaiian Fusion. Sep 17 2019 The 10 Best Black Bear Cartridges. Good for Families with children . The all new line of handgun loads hits game harder with a tough flat nose lead bullet that holds together while blowing through bone providing high weight retention and deep penetration. Statewide the annual harvest increased steadily between 2003 and 2007 from about nbsp My guide recommends a Federal 180g Nosler Partition. Here is a picture of a typical exit hole on the dozen plus deer I have used it on so far. 300 Winchester Magnum Ammunition 20 Rounds JSP 150 Grains Federal . What a feeling it was to shoot a 265 lb. grizzly it took nine rounds to put the bear down Jan 27 2017 Enter the Federal Fusion MSR round especially designed for this very purpose. I ended up shooting 6 deer with this set up. Great ammo for the . 5 Creedmoor Ammo 147 Grain ELD M Browning Long Range Pro 6. Black bear and CXP3 game cartridges Mar 08 2018 Oldtime black bear hunters say that any load that throws at least a 200 grain or bigger solid bullet at 1000 fps or more will take any bear in the woods. And you can shoot above ammo using 1911 STI or Dan Wesson or Glock. interlock in my . I use Federal 308A 150gr Power Shok with good success. I am wondering if I should go to a 180gr Nosler Partition Apr 13 2018 Bear Defense Powerful Rounds. Discount 29 Federal F708FS2 Fusion 20RD 120gr 7mm 08 Remington By adding this item to your WishList you will be notified automatically via email when this item 39 s price has dropped. In Wake Of Federal Investigating Illegal Killing Of Black Bear. Aug 24 2011 I bought a box of the Federal Fusion with the Barnes 140gr TSX to compare accuracy of hand loads and factory in my . Brassicas in the ground Mar 28 2014 For black bears mtn lions 10mm will be the best for penatration. Nov 22 2017 Federal Premium Fusion. These are Federal Fusion rounds expanding on impact to create a devastating wound cavity. Don t get me wrong. 240 grain 444 Remington FNSP or 165 grain federal fusion 300 win mag These big games incorporate an elk bear moose pronghorn and the white tail deer. Sep 05 2019 Bigger isn t always better when it comes to picking a cartridge for moose hunting. And black bears don t like it any better. 458 Lott is shot with its heaviest bullet 500gr . 338 Federal. The guns functioned every time. Picking the 10 best or most favorable cartridges for hunting any animal is a highly subjective and challenging task. After bucking wind for 300 yards this drops to 1 924 ft lbs still more than I d want to catch. 45 cal. Non Typical and Hornady 170 gr. Friendly atmosphere. 177 BB Steel 1500. I handload exclusively but if I had to use factory ammo I wouldn 39 t hesitate to use the Fusion ammo. 223 Remington is more than adequate for deer. 338 Federal deserves an award. Federal Fusion 260 Rem 120 Grain Product Number F260FS1 20 Count 260 Rem 120 Grain Ballistic Coefficient 0. Black Bear Diner 32065 Pacific Highway South The Day Beyonc Turned Black a movie trailer interpreting the reaction to the release of Beyonc 39 s quot Formation quot a song noted for its embracing of black heritage as an apocalyptic style film one where White Americans are hysterical over their realization that Beyonc is black while Black Americans are apathetic over the hysteria. Shooting 200 grain fusions hunting in central Pa for deer and black bear. Although quot paper ballistics quot are unimpressive with a 200 grain bullet at 2080 feet per second the 35 Remington is a legendary quot big woods quot cartridge for deer and black bear. My Browning X Bolt Speed likes Barnes 165 TTSX Hornady 178 ELDX and Federal 180 Trophy Bonded Tip. 2 945fps hand loaded and chrono 39 d. Federal Power Shok is hard hitting ammunition designed for exceptional performance in the field. I just need to get within 400yds. Federal is the primary supplier of factory ammunition but numerous rifles are chambered to it. The bears are not going quietly. I am wondering bullet choices. Last spring I shot a big mature black bear boar with a TenPoint Carbon Nitro RDX from a ground blind made of material from the forest. 357 is still better than a sharp stick. 30 06 Springfield this load has marginally more drop at long ranges thereby contributing to the slightly lower muzzle velocity with most bullet weights. 30 06 loaded with 180 grain bullets even for trophy size bears. Aug 23 2011 I 39 m looking for a good all round bullet for both my 280 Rem. 338 also with a sawed off barrel. 308 Winchester is great for hunting medium to large sized game including whitetail deer pronghorn caribou and black bear. Probably buy a Savage Hog Hunter and replace the stock with a Boyd 39 s walnut stock and slap a 2x7 scope on top. Ran about 15 yds into the woods and passed. Loads were anything from 150 to 250fps below advertised specs. Canadian black bear at 60 yards right between the eyes. Remington makes a 180 gr Swift Sirocco load that I like very much. 308 and Federal Fusion 180 grain rounds. Jan 28 2018 Joel I would chose that option with black bears in the offing but I d err on the side of more in grizzly country. So when it comes to moose the word BIG will pop into most people s minds and cause them to eliminate a swath of fine I shoot the federal fusion 39 s out of my . At Federal we not only build the industry 39 s widest variety of ammunition we offer the leading products for every facet of the shooting sports. Black bear that 39 s made a home in Mud Lake to be relocated NCC The National Capital Commission has cordoned off a portion of Mud Lake Conservation Area as it attempts for a second night to lure and capture a black bear that has been spotted in the woodland near Britannia Village for the past two weeks. Federal Fusion has drastically reduced the gap between performance and affordability. The nosler partition is good at all usable ranges as long as it shoots true out of you barrel. Make sure you 39 re ready for your hunt with these recommendations. Along with a clever name Non Typical the 45 70 Government 325 gr FTX LEVERevolution Item 82747 20 Box US Patent 9 513 092 8 413 587 8 161 885 7 380 502. 308 Win. You will see the difference the moment you load it into your gun. At 200 grains with a muzzle velocity of 2 700 fps this will handle even the biggest bears. Black Bear Diner. This is the ideal option for hunting ammo with MSR rifles for a number of reasons performance Oct 17 2012 The brown bear guides I 39 ve met usually have some old beater of a rifle. 450 I am gonna scope my Redhawk and use it for whitetail deer and black bear. I haven 39 t killed an elk with either but I have shot a black bear with the fusion bullet and it was perfect. I have yet to recover a bullet to see what it looks like as I have always gotten complete pass thru. Some of the Alaskans in the class carry Brenneke slugs for confrontations with bears. Underwood has 220gr hardcast that should do the job. 6 quot . SP is 3330 fps. Product Overview Federal Fusion Ammunition is loaded with a specialized bullet perfect for deer sized game that features an electrochemically bonded lead core to copper jacket The 140 Fusion grouped the best. The Fusion MSR three hole punched the target with a 1 1 4 inch group at 100 yards. This 30 06 cartridge from Federal s Fusion Lite line of ammunition features a 170 grain soft point projectile. 30 30 is both tube magazine safe and much superior to the classic round nosed loads in ballistics. Available now in Power Shok ammo with Fusion and Non Typical ammunition to follow the . 40 S amp W 3. Saturday morning saw the start of Florida 39 s first bear hunt in 20 years. Thee are some of the tougher bullets out there and should be able to handle the larger more muscular bear. My rifle shoots them very well and as of now wouldn 39 t shoot anything else out of it. The first was a large doe at very close range of 48 yards. Just like you d expect with such a popular cartridge Barnes produces . I do have a . The Kung flu has postponed it till 2021. That s more than enough for me. At least I haven 39 t in an 06 39 rifle. For my federal I like 180 and 200 ballistic tips 200 hot core and 210 partition. Federal Fusion MSR 6. Updated September 17 2019. 338 Federal is a solid choice. 06. May 01 2018 A Sweet Shooter. The firearm is completely set up and sighted in with 200 grain Federal Fusion Ammunition. I dropped a nice caribou bull up north last october from 300yds and a cinnamon black bear with it this month nbsp 10 Apr 2006 The 30 06 is a new rifle to me Rem 700 mountain rifle and I purchased Federal Bear Claw and Federal Fusion ammo 165 gr. Fusion ammo or should I try to find something else in a hurry. 22 Nov 2017 feral hogs and a black bear and have never witnessed anything but Federal created the whitetail focused Fusion line to fill this important nbsp 3 Mar 2010 If you are talking black bear I 39 d stick with a 180 200 gr partition or that I would get the most tissue bone damage with a 180gr Federal Fusion. Time to come have lunch with your old cronies. This is my personal choice and in my opinion the best . Some gentleman has posted pics and story of an elk kill on here a few months back killed with 200 Fusion 338 Fed. 358 in Savage Browning and Ruger rifles. rounds loaded with Nosler Partition bullets or the Barnes MRX. This new bullet technology provides exceptional terminal performance designed to make quick clean one shot kills Fusion bullets undergo an electro chemical process which joins the core to the copper jacket eliminating core jacket Oct 16 2019 But for the budget minded Federal s Fusion offers a lot of performance for the price. The premium stuff is top quality and the cheap Blue box stuff shoots fantastic in my . 12 Sep 2007 My deer season starts in two days and black bear starts at the same time. Re Federal Fusion 300 Grain 450BM by Buckeye63 Wed Apr 17 2019 10 42 pm timotheius99 wrote Let me know where you can find this 300 grain Federal fusion ammo for sale. Drewster46 Active Member. Federal law requires that you must be at least 18 years old to purchase rifle or shotgun ammunition and 21 years or older to purchase handgun ammunition. cor loks would be good medicine for any black bear. 338 Federal AR 10 Rifle made by VDC Armory with me on many hunts. Any debate about the best all around game cartridge will soon get heated because there will likely be a group of 7mm Rem mag devotees present and vocal Use a partitioned bonded core or monometal bullet like a Barnes TSX Hornady GMX Nosler Partition or Federal Fusion that is diesigned for game at the ranges you 39 re shooting at. 7mm Remington magnum ammo has been a mainstay among hunters for more than a generation. Federal Target Fusion Gold Medal Unfortunately I was only able to take an elk with it this year but he didn t up shirt in a large 385 pound black bear at For this black bear hunt I tested a variety of 240 grain loads from Winchester Federal Fusion Hornady CorBon HPR DoubleTap Buffalo Bore and Black Hills. Springfield Armory XD S MOD. Midsouth offers great deals on all kinds of 223 Remington Centerfire Rifle Ammo. I 39 m sure a 150 gr. Never broke a rib. More Gear. 308 ammo in a 7. Shot the Polar Bear in a spot on the back of the neck where the vertebrae was close to the skin. Jun 25 2020 Stefanie Fitzsimons district wildlife biologist with Illinois Department of Natural Resources joined Ji to discuss the spotted black bear seen crossing into western Illinois from Wisconsin on June 10. 45 70 ammo featuring their legendary copper X Bullet. Producing some of the most technologically advanced hunting loads on the market Federal is a well respected name in the shooting industry. Rob The Day Beyonc Turned Black a movie trailer interpreting the reaction to the release of Beyonc 39 s quot Formation quot a song noted for its embracing of black heritage as an apocalyptic style film one where White Americans are hysterical over their realization that Beyonc is black while Black Americans are apathetic over the hysteria. amp nbsp California Proposition 65 WARNING This product can expose you to chemicals including lead that are Dec 11 2007 I will be going to upper mich black bear hunting and was wondering if my weatherby . 50. But recoil is reduced because it fires smaller Never hunted Moose or big bear but have a world of experience over the years on large bull elk and deer with the . 225 gr. Power Shok and 180 gr. Panda Express 1116 Supermall Way Is . Bear hide soaks up a lot of blood and those soft paws can tread without leaving much imprint. The optimum load for a trophy bruin depends on how you plan to hunt. I used the 165 gr Fusion in 308 Win to take my bear this year. 23 Oct 2018 Has anyone used 150gr 30 06 Fed Fusion on black bears I have had good I 39 ve no experience with a Federal Fusion. That might seem odd at first glance but both companies are owned by ATK. LEVERevolution represents a Browse Federal Way restaurants serving Chicken nearby place your order and enjoy Your order will be delivered in minutes and you can track its ETA while you wait. Tuesday May 11 th 2010 Lunch This is a correction sorry It will again be at the Black Bear Diner 32065 Pacific Highway S. Oct 01 2018 These groups were fired using the Federal Premium 200 grain Copper rounds used earlier on the bear hunt. Current Price 6. 30 06 with 200 220 grain bullets. Was wondering if anyone has found a particular ammo that works well in a . In the past Federal loads were abysmal in the velocity department. A small relatively light bullet is less likely to punch through with a big hole. Whoever convinced the authorities at ATK to produce the . I normally shoot a Federal Fusion 150gr. I 39 ve taken gophers coyotes antelope deer elk and black bear with them and they nbsp 16 May 2017 Randy Newberg Hunter continues discussing black bear hunting ideas responding to viewer listener questions about cartridge and caliber nbsp I want a bullet that will kill anything varmits to black bear if need be. 450 Bushmaster. 16 Oct 2019 But for the budget minded Federal 39 s Fusion offers a lot of is that and more it is also effective on feral hogs black bear antelope and caribou. Here are the top choices. 303 Brit with 174 180 gr and 7x57 and 7x64 Brenneke with 175 gr. So forget the perfect all round bear cartridge. All of the ammunition listed above would work just fine for hunting deer black bear Sep 24 2020 So I went to the range this past weekend and pulled the 300 wsm out of the safe for a bear hunt in the coming weeks. Oct 07 2014 If you are looking for black bear killing ammo for your grandfather s gently used 30 30 lever action rifle the 28A 30 30 will get that job done and is safe to use in almost all of the older lever actions. Jan 04 2011 A black bear hunt in the spring of 2006 introduced me to the . Bushnell Professional Boresighter Model N77193 1966 A Century of Wisconsin Deer Wisconsin 4 Dog Hunting Training Books 1960 39 s 6 Pocket Knives Lot of Pocket Knives amp Pocket Utility Tools Winchester Fixed Blade Knife amp Push Dagger Havahart Live Trap Very Good Working Blake amp Lamb 1 1 2 Animal Trap Made in USA HMC Household 39 s All Purpose Knife Imperial Stag Federal Fusion Lite . Follow Us Browse Federal Way restaurants serving Family Meals nearby place your order and enjoy Your order will be delivered in minutes and you can track its ETA while you wait. Also the only one that goes faster than Federal claims. Look for the brands you trust like Hornady Federal Nosler and more Bear have heavy bone structure. 338 Fed is best with 180 to 210. Somehow the Savage and Brownings just didn 39 t fit and went by the wayside long ago. Spitzer Boat Tail Box of 20. Due to its excellent long range accuracy and low recoil it was only a matter of time before becoming a popular short action cartridge for hunters. I shoot a 7mm Rem Mag with 150gr federal fusion. The bullet passed through the ribs lungs and left a fist sized hole exiting the animal. Federal . At the time of my testing Federal 160 gr. From primer to projectile virtually every component is optimized for use in modern sporting rifles and peak ballistic performance through short barrels. The Bear Claw nbsp The thick hides and heavy bones black bears boast demand ammo built for the job. The short answer is that you can fire 7. Dec 13 2017 Does the small and speedy . It is completely devoid of driving bands polymer tips and curb feelers yet the inexpensive bullet has a proven reputation for shooting great and hammering deer. Before Fusion there was a big gap in performance between the economically and Premium loads available to deer hunters. m. For factory ammo the 150 gr Federal blue box Winchester power points or Remington core lokts will work just fine what ever one your rifle likes. I 39 d be fine with it if thats all you had but there are better choices available for a general purpose hunting rifle. View Quote The Alaska Fish and Game recommends the 30 06 with good bullets for hunting brown bear as a lot of people end up buying big bore magnums and suck at shooting them. 50 Cal or 348 grain . Jun 23 2019 Federal also sells a version of their Fusion ammo customized for use in modern sporting rifles called the Fusion MSR. 338 Federal continues to gain widespread favor among big game hunters. 5 bullet work. If you 39 re worried about defense for black bear. A Federal 210 gr HP factory load. Bearable Cartridges for Black Bear The perfect bear cartridge doesn t exist because the perfect bear doesn t exist. Optimized for rapid expansion high weight retention and deep penetration this is an outstanding choice of . 30 06 firing non fragmenting loads makes a whole lot more sense for lower 48 black bears. As a Fusion this bullet s jacket and core are electrochemically bound together so that the two are virtually inseparable during penetration resulting in its superior weight retention and its ability to create a deep wound channel. Hunting black bear in the lower 48 states does not take much bullet people have been successful with . 45 Colt handload in the right gun should work fine and has. Two 5 shot groups averaged less than 1. 243 is based on a necked down . Mar 06 2015 Whether you 39 re hunting deer elk or black bear the . 5 Creedmoor Ammo 123 Grain Open Tip Match Federal American Eagle 6. 4 continues shots in an 1 quot or less Most others seem to have good reports as well. Although the Fusion is most surely developed to be a deer hunting bullet it is that and extra it is also successful on feral hogs black bear antelope and caribou. This is a bullet from a 41. 2 . I think he weighed around 250 dressed. Jun 04 2019 Federal Target Fusion Gold Medal 5 by Roland1911 from My choice when in the woods This is my choice for my S amp W 686 when Im hiking in Black Bear territory or Jun 23 2016 I plan on having Thumper my . 5 Grendel Ammo 120 Grain Soft Point review offers the following information Federal Fusion MSR ammo was developed to be ideally used in one of the most adaptable group of firearms designed in years the Modern Sporting Rifle. don 39 t. At 300 yards the TTSX is 5. 358 and loved it. Oct 24 2008 Black bear are killed by 39 deer 39 rifles everyday. Along with a clever name Non Typical the Description 243 Win Federal Fusion 95gr 5 Boxes of 20 100Rnds . They range from 150 pound black bears to 1 300 pound brown bears. I was in a major pinch for ammo and had to buy Federal Fusion 150gr ammo. 45 70 ammo for hunting black bear moose whitetail deer feral hogs and elk. In such cases something like a . 54 Cal PowerBelt Failing those Modern Gun I will kick into either a . 276 Reviews Feb 04 2018 Pac Island Grill Hawaiian Style BBQ Taste of Hawaii See 64 traveler reviews 20 candid photos and great deals for Federal Way WA at Tripadvisor. 357 Mag. For quite some time the Nosler bullet had no competition among moose and black bear hunters and then came the 150 grain TSX HP from Barnes followed quite recently by the Swift 150 and 170 Polar Bear by Anonymous And yet Nanook of the North would regularly take Polar bear with a 222 Remington the reason is it left a small hole in the hide and the hide was worth much money. Black Hills Gold 6. When you order this single box of ammunition from Federal you get 20 rounds. 44 mag Redhawk for these application 39 s. Jul 28 2010 Black Powder either a 444 grain . 327 Federal Magnum performs so well because it operates at a higher pressure than the . 5 Creedmoor cartridge was originally developed for competitive shooting. 300 Winchester Magnum Ammunition 20 Round Jun 25 2016 Even if granddad did hunt bear with the modest round nosed . That means you can count on Fusion to provide better penetration without the shoulder pounding. Price 18. 11 00 and if you didn t make it last month Read more Power Shok ammunition for medium game is designed for maximum effectiveness on light thin skinned game such as antelope mule deer white tail deer and black bear. Dec 05 2018 Federal Ammunition delivers new loads for hunters chambered in the power packing . Corbon loads the all copper 123 grain DPX bullet in a 7. Went to the store for ammo as I have never shot this gun before and bought some 165 federal fushion as that is all they had. 338 Federal to SA in 2016 and took a Kudu in my avatar Blue wildebeest black wildebeest impala springbok and a jackal with it. The 338 Federal doesn 39 t offer the range of the 338 Winchester Magnum but it can be housed in short actions and is almost its equal as an elk black bear cartridge within 200 yards. 5 Creedmoor Ammo 130 Grain Sierra MatchKing BTPT Federal American Eagle 6. Federal makes the inexpensive Fusion line with bonded core bullets. Ron Spomer Haven 39 t killt anything with Fusion yet but they are the most accurate of the four factory loads available for the 338 Fed in either of my guns. like the Trophy Bonded Tip Trophy Bonded Bear Claw Edge TLR and Trophy Copper. In 2014 the 180 grain . 308 cartridge case. 243 bullet out there period. 5 Creedmoor 140 nbsp 45 70 for deer hunting in thick conditions and it 39 s also quite effective on black bear feral hogs moose and grizzly bears. Black Bear Sports Group Inc. It is definitely more accurate and consistent. I had an Idaho bear hunt booked for myself and my son for the first week of June of this year. 150 or 170gr will take moose I would pick 170 regular ammo if I were within 100 yards maybe even some federal fusion 170gr. 5 Creedmoor hunting ammo several options in both BellingenQudocafe is Authentic japanese and modern Australian fusion. Less than three feet from muzzle. Would like to shoot some of these in my quot wet paper media quot May 07 2015 The Trophy Bonded Bear Claw in the Federal Vital Shok line features a lead core in the front half of the bullet but the rear shank is solid copper and the core is bonded to the jacket. over bait so its really a question of how close can you get rather than is the rifle powerful enough. It 39 s not a mild load. I have taken a few Whitetail and one cow elk with my 338 Federal at 130 yds double lung full pass thru. By placing an order on FoundryOutdoors. The front half expands rapidly creating wide wound channels while the bottom section stays intact ensuring deep penetration. 45 70 Fusion load. It is would be hard to find more useful black bear cartridges than the . They make some 180 gr. Aug 23 2019 It was just the right weight and had ideal ballistics for hunting the most popular game in North America deer antelope goats elk and black bear all met their match. While it can be a very effective cartridge nbsp 22 Jan 2020 Federal Fusion Plinking and Long Range Shooting Parting Shots rifle with adequate power for any deer or black bear inside of 150 yards. It has been used to pursue a wide variety of game including medium sized animals like whitetail deer black bear and pronghorn. 5 Creedmoor Ammo 140 Grain Open Tip Match Federal Fusion 6. 308 rifle safely but it 39 s not suggested that you fire . Probably just my gun but I ll stick to their other flavors. 8 SPC . The likelihood of a jacket core separation is significantly eliminated by the integration of electronically bonded lead core. After scoring high marks from critics and drawing legions of loyal fans since its debut in 2006 the . Federal designed this round as an answer to whitetail deer hunting with the . Federal was one of the pioneers in offering premium bullets made by nonaffiliated companies in its loaded ammunition line. Bears are not hard to kill like everything else proper shot placement with an accurate load that your confident in making a accurate shot. Four shots onto the bear little effect. 375 and in my experience the InterLock when of appropriate weight See full list on sportsmansguide. Several other rounds were fired during this phase of which the 185 grain Fusion MSR also performed admirably. This black bear was taken with a . 39. Any bullet will work well due to velocity. Two different style bonded core bullets recovered from game. Discount 29 At the time of my testing Federal 160 gr. I have also taken a Kodiak Brown bear and 9 Sitka Black Tail deer with it. It even killed the Kodiak bear. Sep 05 2007 Black bear are routinely taken with handguns at close range ie. Many have the old Model 600 39 s. This was a great thing for hunters who didn 39 t handload but it created a price and performance gap. Bullet Weight 200 grains Muzzle nbsp My 280 shoots 140 grain Federal Fusion ammunition with satisfactory accuracy. Inside and out. Jul 06 2011 Thousands of black bear of all sizes have been cleanly killed with the little 30 30 170 grain flat nosed soft point. All of Alaska Magnum AR 39 s rifles are built right in the heart of Alaska in Fairbanks. I had it built on a post 64 Winchester Model 70 action. So regardless of whether you want to take your 6. 5 cartridges minus maybe the 26 Nosler the . or . I 39 d use it on deer black bear and hogs here in North Carolina. Maybe I will have to lower my sights a little and find a very big black bear Either way thanks for the input. Federal 39 s 200 grain plated Fusion bullet shot tight one three shot series tore a single hole. Ground blinds typically offer fairly tight quarters so the ultra narrow RDX bow assembly was great for increased mobility in such a confined space. Jul 08 2018 While all the calibers mentioned above will kill a black bear it is wise to select a powerful caliber for the worst case scenario a charge by a wounded bear. A premium bonded core bullet recovered from game. 5 CREEDMOOR Federal F4570FS1 Fusion 20RD 300gr 45 70 Government. ANOKA Minnesota January 31 2020 Federal has expanded its wide range of its renowned centerfire rifle and handgun bullets for reloaders. The cartridge was used to thwart attacks from black bear brown bear grizzly and even a Kodiak Bear. It 39 s only killed one animal so far for me but the black bear I shot was dead before it hit the ground. The bear was on the ground. While the bears eluded me I did manage some time with paper targets. For instance Barnes Federal Hornady Nosler and Remington all manufacture at least one load for the cartridge. Hornady s 160gr FTX load for the . 308 Rifle That 39 s a very common question among shooters. My deer season starts in two days and black bear starts at the same time. The 325 39 s are more than adequate for blackies. 200 pound bear took 5 solid hits before going down. My one and only bull moose was taken with a single shot from a 6. All good info. With a special brake the recoil is much like my old 270. 308 would be enough. Bang flop. It s a highly adapted hunting machine and it needs ammunition that s just as customized Fusion MSR. Federal 300gr Cast Core is a good load and actually you will probably feel as I do that they are actually more comfortable to shoot than the 225 FTX or the standard Federal Remington Hornady 240 gr loads. LEVERevolution represents a Jan 06 2015 One of the perennial arguments among hunters is do you want a bullet that holds together and passes completely through the animal or do you want a slug that comes apart violently and does not Apr 23 2019 Federal s lineup of new products includes three loads in 350 Legend 160 grain Fusion bonded soft point 180 grain Power Shok soft point and 180 grain Non Typical soft point. Our Sales staff cannot forecast price or availability of Wish List items. 8 25. Sep 14 2020 About Black Bear Sports Group. They almost look like ballistic twins with this limited data as a guide. Black bears aren 39 t aggressive and unless you step on one with cubs they won 39 t want to get anywhere near you. Product Title Umarex USA 2211056 Hornady Black Diamond . Various . quot Hard quot bullets intended for Class 3 game may not achieve quick kills on Class 2 animals and quot soft quot bullets intended for medium size game are iffy on raking shots at Class 3 animals. 75 quot groups in a brand new barrel. A handgun can stop a bear but you have to brain or spinal tap to stop it in it s tracks. I too own a 45 70 the 39 heavy 39 loads you have would be great for very large brown grizzly bears we have here in Alaska but way over kill for blackies. I know the Everything else I use Federal Fusion 95 gr loads. 338 including their basic conventional 185 grain soft point bullet at 2750fps the 185 grain Fusion replacing the Accubond at 2680fps the 200 grain conventional soft point at 2700fps the 200 grain Trophy Copper replacing the TSX at 2630fps the 200 grain Tipped Bear Claw at 2630fps the 200 grain bonded Fusion bullet Shot me a black bear using my 160gr Accubonds this spring. And while this is an article focused on whitetail ammunition I wouldn 39 t hesitate to use this load on black bear or elk. 308 Ammo Safe to Shoot in 7. 5 Grendel in a 16 quot AR platform using a 129gr Hornady SST bullet. The 2nd two add 225 bullets bullets to the federal. They re just not a consistent size. I have a black bear license for September. If you get your sights on a trophy of a lifetime the larger bullet should give you better penetration and carry more energy with it. Recoil is similar to 30 06 with much more knock down power. 5 Creedmoor Fusion load but I expect that like most 140 grain bullets in the cartridge it will achieve around 2 700 fps. No chance at a bear last year but devasting on a whitetail at about 120 yards. It is a bonded soft point okay technically it is plated but the result is essentially the same that bears a strong similarity to the Gold Dot line from Speer. Federal Ammunition P308S. federal fusion for black bear